A mezzanine card (TTCrq) containing the TTCrx and the QPLL was developed by the CERN microelectronics group.

This card replaces the old TTCrm. The main features are:

The CERN Electronics Pool (EP-ESS Group) will support the distribution and sale of TTCrq mezzanine cards.

Production of this card is still under planning. However the users should communicate as soon as possible to the ESS Group their short and long-term needs. All requests must be made directly to Markus Joos. (Please note that the TTCrm is still available through the the Pool services).

For further information on support for the TTCrq mezzanine card, please see the EP-ESS Group TTC Support web page.

The links below provide detailed information on the TTCrq:

TTCrq manual

TTCrq schematic, PCB and assembly information:

Schematic (PDF version);

PCB layout (PDF version);

Board manufacturing data (GBR), (PDF) and fabrication specification;

Assembly data (PDF: Top, Bottom);

Component list (XLS, PDF);

The complete schematic and PCB information can be found on EDMS under "Documents". Please note that documents marked v.1, v.2, v.3 and v.4 are now obsolete. The TTCrq EDMS item number is EDA-00111 (PCB: EDA00111-V5)

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